FAQ: What Are The Wings On The Back Of Tractor Trailers?

What Are Those Odd Panels on the Backs of Trucks?

Many long-haul truckers are owner-operators, each driving his own small, independent business (97 percent are men). The panels under the body of the truck are called aerodynamic panel skirts, side panels, or side skirts. Tail fairings on a long-haul trailer can save 480 gallons of diesel fuel, which equates to 10,752 lbs, or 4.9 tons of weight.

How do semi truck wings work?

Made of little more than plastic sheets and metal springs, the TrailerTail attaches to the back of the trailer and sticks out about four feet at an angle that reduces wind drag when the truck is moving. It can fold flat against the back of the trailer or lie flat against the side of the truck when the doors are open.

What are trailer wings?

When a truck is traveling at highway speeds, TruckWingsTM deploys panels from the back of the cab to cover the tractor-trailer gap; when traveling at slower speeds, the panels retract, allowing for trailer clearance in turns. TRUCKWINGS ACTIVE AERODYNAMICS SAVES FUEL.

What is the fairing on a semi?

The purpose of a chassis fairing, also known as a fuel tank skirt, is to provide a clean aerodynamic surface by removing steps, air, fuel, and diesel fluid tanks, battery boxes, and other items that increase the drag of an exposed chassis.

What are the little doors on the back of tractor trailers for?

When a “vent door” is left open, it allows air to circulate throughout the trailer; if the door is left open, the trailer is most likely empty and being “aired out,” which helps to prevent mold and mildew from growing inside.

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What goes on the back of a semi truck?

Aerodynamic panel skirts, side panels, or side skirts are the panels under the truck’s body; rear tail fairings, trailer tails, or sometimes boat tails are the panels that hang off the back; whatever you call them, their purpose is to reduce drag and save fuel.

How much fuel do trailer skirts save?

According to Stemco, among the devices studied, u201cside- skirts and boat-tails provide the greatest drag reductions,u201d and that using both a rear fairing and a side skirt can save nearly 1,400 gallons (5,300 liters) of fuel per truck, per year.

Do trailer tails work?

Overall, trailer tails are a good investment for trucking companies because they have been shown to improve fuel efficiency and save money after the initial cost of installation. Depending on your trucking fleet’s needs, aerodynamic panels may be a good option to save money.

What do trailer blades do?

A trailer skirt, also known as a side skirt, is a device that is attached to the underside of a semi-trailer to reduce air turbulence-induced drag.

What is a bobtail truck?

A bobtail truck is a truck that does not have a trailer attached to it; some straight trucks that haul propane are also referred to as bobtails because the tank is significantly shorter than the average propane trailer; and a semi-tractor that is not hauling a trailer is also referred to as a bobtail.

What is the back of the trailer called?

A tractor unit, a detachable front-axle assembly known as a dolly, or the tail of another trailer support a large portion of a semi-trailer’s weight, while its own wheels only support the semi-trailer’s rear.

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How much fuel do trailer tails save?

Trailer tails are one type of aerodynamic technology that has been verified by the US EPA’s SmartWay Transport Partnership. Trailer tails alone have shown a fuel savings of 1%u20135%, and when combined with trailer skirts, a 9% improvement has been shown.

What is a fairing on a tractor trailer?

The most common device for addressing aerodynamic drag on trailers is trailer fairings, also known as trailer skirts, which prevent wind from ducking in under the trailer and running into the trailer bogie.

What is the back door of a semi truck called?

Swing doors, also known as “barn” doors, are common in the trailer industry and are designed to maximize the net cargo area. If you want the largest opening possible for your truck body or trailer, swing doors may be the way to go.

Why do trucks have little doors?

The USDA hired only midgets for its Agricultural Inspection Program in the past, especially during WWII and the Korean War when many able-bodied men were absent from the workplace, and they would enter the trucks and inspect the loads through the small doors on the back of the trailer.

Why do truck wheels have spikes?

The “spikes” are plastic, rubber, or metal lug nut covers that anyone can buy and use to spruce up their vehicles, though some career truckers claim they’re used as decorative caps to keep their rigs from rusting.

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