FAQ: What Size Bush Hog For A 70 Hp Tractor?

Question about size of tractor needed to pull 7′ bush hog

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What HP tractor do I need for a 6 ft bush hog?

In my opinion, 50 HP should be sufficient for a 6 foot bush; if I recall correctly, Bush Hog has specs on recommended HP for their various mowers; don’t worry about the power required to move it.

How much horsepower does a 12ft Bush Hog need?

The 12ft batwing is made by Woods, Rhino, and Bush Hog, and it requires 35 horsepower.

What size tractor do I need for a 12 foot bush hog?

A lighter-duty 12-foot unit is suitable for utility tractors with 50 to 80 horsepower, while the popular 15-foot models are suitable for tractors with 75 horsepower.

How much horsepower does it take to run a 6 ft brush hog?

A 6′ bushhog is a large, heavy attachment, and the general rule of thumb for rotary mowers at optimal use is about 10 HP per foot, so I’d recommend 50-60 PTO horsepower to run a 6′ mower.

How much HP do you need for a brush hog?

I believe the old “rule of thumb” is 5 HP per foot (width) of implement. I’ve seen the 5 hp per foot of mower posted many times, which would equal 30 hp for a 6 ft bushhog.

How thick can a bush hog cut?

The blades on a rotary cutter can reach top speeds of over 150 miles per hour, allowing the blades to cut through saplings and small trees with diameters of several inches.

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What size rotary cutter do I need for my tractor?

With a cutting width of 54-21/64,u201d it’s recommended for tractors with 22-50 horsepower and can handle brush up to one inch in diameter. A 5′ Rotary Cut Mower 3 Point Category 1 might be available for as little as $953 and makes for a great machine when mowing large lawns or golf courses.

How much horsepower do I need for a 15 foot bush hog?

The bush hog literature recommends a tractor with at least 60 horsepower, but I’ve found one that looks good but only has 85-90 pto horsepower.

How much horsepower do you need to run a batwing mower?

Whether you’re cutting brush or shredding stalks, Woods Batwing cutters set the standard for cut quality, distribution, and ease of use. The BW12 requires a minimum of 35 PTO HP and features Woods quality and performance in a sleek, round-front design with our industry-leading sloped deck.

Can you run a batwing mower with the wings up?

You could lock one wing and mow down the field’s side ditch, but you can’t mow with one wing up. Bought a new John Deere 15 ft.

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