FAQ: What To Do With Old Tractor Tires?

#5 Creative Things to Do with Old Tractor Tires

Tire projects are a great way to use your old tires and end up with an awesome finished product. Tires are durable, strong, and hold their shape well, making them ideal for a variety of upcycling projects.

#1 Raised Flowerbeds or Planters

Raised flower beds are easy to maintain and keep tidy because they are small enough that weeding, watering, and other maintenance tasks are a quick task rather than a day-long process. Tractor tires are the perfect size to create raised flower beds for your front or backyard.

Sandbox or Playscape

Large tractor tires are the perfect size for a sandbox, and it’s easy to make! Cut them in half to create arches that are perfect for climbing on or standing on, and you can make your own playground features for the backyard with a few old tires.


Check out these Top 5 Tractor Tire Workouts to see what exercises you can do with old tractor tires.

Tire Art

If you enjoy making sculptures, old tires can be a fun medium to work with. You can make a simple Christmas wreath with them, or if you’re feeling really ambitious, try making one of these tire animals below.

Backyard Pond Feature

Line the inside of the tire with a plastic lining suitable for creating a backyard water feature, add your pump and filter if you plan to keep plants or animals in your water feature, and decorate around the top.

How do I dispose of old tractor tires?

Here are some of the most effective ways to dispose of used tires:

  1. Take your tires to a general or specialized tire recycling facility.
  2. Leave your tires with a retailer.
  3. For a fee, drop your tires off at a tire shop.
  4. Participate in a community collection event for hard-to-recycle items.
  5. Call a junk removal service.
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How much does it cost to get rid of a tractor tire?

$75 per farm tractor rear tire over 150 lbs. $25 per farm tractor rear tire up to 75 lbs. $40 per farm tractor rear tire 75 lbs. to 150 lbs.

Can tractor tires be recycled?

Many landfills do not accept tires, and those that do usually limit the number and size of tires they will accept, excluding larger tractor tire sizes, making it difficult for farmers to find an environmentally friendly or even legal way to dispose of waste tractor tires locally.

What can you do with an old tractor?

Bring it to a scrap dealer; this is one of the few places where you can get a few extra dollars for your old garden tractor. Take it to a metal recycling center; instead of throwing it away, consider recycling it.

Can I bury old tires?

Cutting up tires that need to be disposed of is a simple and effective solution; while burying whole tires in a landfill is illegal in the United States, tires that have been cut up are considered garbage and can be disposed of without issue.

Can you make new tires from old tires?

Apart from recycling old tires, the old tire can be put to a new purpose, such as being converted into a play swing. This innovative use provides an easy way to find a use for an existing old tire that is not suitable for road use.

Why do farmers bury tires?

After many truckloads of ground corn plants have been delivered to the dairy, the piles are ‘packed’ down to remove all air, which aids in fermentation, and the piles are covered with tarps and tires to prevent air from entering and spoiling the feed.

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What happens if you bury tires?

However, buried tires never decompose. If exposed to wind and rain, tires will eventually crumble, but they will ruin the soil they sit on, and they will always be a fire hazard.

Do tires leach into soil?

Tires contain a variety of chemicals and metals that should not be present in the human body, and they erode and break down over time, releasing those chemicals into the environment.

Where can you get rid of tractor tires?

” Ask your county solid waste number; if you live in a large farming area, they may be able to handle tractor tires as well. Your Extension office should know the answer or be able to find it for you, and your state department of agriculture may be able to help.

Are vintage tractors a good investment?

When compared to, say, works of art or stocks and shares, are vintage tractors a good investment? Absolutely, and unlike works of art or other collectibles, tractors fall under the “wasting asset” rule, which means they are not subject to capital gains tax when sold.

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