Often asked: How Can I Tell What Year Model A Ford 3930 Tractor Is?

Ford 3930

The Ford Utility Series Utility Tractor was manufactured between 1990 and 2002, and features a 4×2 2WD, 4×4 MFWD 4WD, and an 8-speed synchronized shuttle transmission with 16-speed partial power shift. Pump flow: 7.7 gpm 29.1 lpm, Steering flow: 3.6 gpm. Rear lift: 3,080 lbs 1397 kg, Power Take-off (PTO): independent, Rear RPM: 540, Engines:

How do I tell what year my Ford tractor is?

Look at the tractor production code, also known as the unit date code, to find out. The first digit of the tractor production code indicates the production year, which corresponds to the last number in the year for tractors manufactured between 1965 and 1974.

How do you read a Ford tractor serial number?

The serial numbers for the 9N-2N and 8N tractors are on the left side of the engine block, just below the head and behind the oil filter, while the serial numbers for the hundred series and “01” series tractors are on the flat area above and behind the starter. The first number is the model number.

How do you find out what year a tractor is?

The model year of a tractor is determined by the 8th digit of the tractor identification number, which is 1. Locate the 8th digit of your tractor identification number and compare it to the appropriate table below to determine the model year.

How do you read a tractor serial number?

The tractor serial number 900 was built in 1981 because it is after the first serial number for 1981 but before the first number for 1982, as the list only shows the numbers from the first tractor built in each year.

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Is a Ford 3930 a good tractor?

The 3930 is a stout, strong utility tractor that is widely regarded as one of the best Ford/New Holland tractors ever built.

How do you read a Massey Ferguson serial number?

Look for your serial number on the instrument panel beneath the steering column, or under the battery tray on models on the right side of the engine.

What do Ford tractor numbers mean?

The number 5 refers to the year 1965, the number 6 to the year 1966, and so on. The number 0 then refers to the year 1970, the number 1 to the year 1971, and so on until the number 4 refers to the year 1974.

How do you decode a Ford VIN number?

How do you decode a Ford VIN number?

  1. 1 = Country of origin (United States)
  2. F = Manufacturer (Ford)
  3. D = Vehicle Type (Incomplete Vehicle)
  4. X = Restraint Type.
  5. F46 = Model (Ford F-Series, F-450, Regular Cab, 2WD)
  6. S = Engine Type (6.8 SOHC SEFI V10
  7. Gasoline 275HP)
  8. 1 = Security Code.

How do I identify my Ferguson tractor?

Checking the Tractor Look for the serial number on the lower left-hand side and lower right-hand side of the steering wheel panel, as well as on a plate mounted to one of these areas of the steering wheel panel on certain older Ferguson tractors.

What is the difference between a 8n and a 9N Ford tractor?

To begin, the 8n tractors have a four-speed transmission, whereas the order 9n tractors have a three-speed transmission, giving you more control over your speed and power. Another way to distinguish between the 8n and 9n Ford tractors is whether they have foot pegs.

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When did they stop making Ford tractors?

After the war, all production of the Ford Model 9N tractor was halted, and Harry Ferguson’s relationship with Ford Motor Company was severed in 1946. The 50th anniversary, dubbed the “Golden Jubilee,” was celebrated in 1953.

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