Often asked: What Size Box Blade For 40 Hp Tractor?

40hp Tractor .. 6′ or 5′ Box blade?

I have a DK40 HST tractor and I’m looking for a box blade. It says your machine is 64 wide, so I’d get a 6′ box blade to cover the tracks. I’ve used a 6 foot on a 30 hp 2wd with no problems. I run a 6 foot BB on my TC33, no problems. If it starts to spin out, just lift it up some.

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Right now, I’m using a 9-foot, 2300-pound blade on the back of my Kubota L5030 HSTC, and it’s working great! There’s a plate to add a gauge wheel for road grading, but I’m going to use it for a while first.

Should box blade be wider than tractor?

They’re simple to connect to a tractor and even simpler to use: first, measure the width of your tractor and get a box blade that’s slightly wider than the tractor tires.

What size box blade should I get?

If you get a straight blade, it will need to be wider because it loses width once you angle the blade and you still need it to cover the rear wheels, so if a 5′ box covers the wheels, you may need a 6′ blade.

How do I choose a box blade?

For most applications, the box blade should be as wide as the outside of your tires, and the heavier the better; if you can find one with the U-shaped hitch, where the ball of the 3 point is supported on both sides, that would be ideal, but it is not a deal breaker.

How much does a 6ft box blade weigh?

Made in China, this box blade weighs 463 pounds.

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Which is better box blade or blade?

The box blade is designed to grade and smooth, and it also has scarifier teeth on the front that allow you to break up hard ground, such as rutted, hard driveways. The rear-angled blade is better for softer, lighter materials; it will cut a little, but not as much as the box blade.

How much does a 5 foot box blade weight?

402 pound weight limit

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What is a hydraulic top link?

This hydraulic top link is a useful agricultural tool that connects to 3-point equipment and is constructed to perform for excellent longevity. It is a category 1 cylinder, compatible with a horsepower range of 25 to 55, and can operate at 3,000 PSI.

How does a box blade work on a tractor?

A box blade is a three-sided rectangular metal device that attaches to your tractor and has front and rear scraping blades on the bottom of the rear panel, as well as scarifiers to break up and shape the soil.

How heavy is a box blade?

Box blades are usually very heavy due to the forces placed on them – even a lightweight one will weigh 500 pounds. The rear has a forward and reverse cutting edge mounted at the bottom, with the reverse cutting edge often gated or floating on more expensive models.

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