Question: What Size Bush Hog For My Tractor Ym 1500?

What Size Mower Do I Need?

A 16 horsepower Yanmar tractor will not run a 4′ mower through 1′ tall grass, and just because your tractor can power a 5 foot mower does not mean it can handle a 4 ft mower. If a mower is too heavy, it will be difficult to steer, and your tractor will want to do “wheelies” when you start mowing.

How much horsepower do I need for a bush hog?

These implements may be small in size, but they have a big heart, and they won’t quit until you do, whether you’re an experienced veteran or a hobby farmer.

How much horsepower do you need for a 6 foot bush hog?

In my opinion, 50 HP should be sufficient for a 6 foot bush; if I recall correctly, Bush Hog has specs on recommended HP for their various mowers; don’t worry about the power required to move it.

How much horsepower does it take to run a 15 foot bush hog?

The popular 15-foot models are best suited to tractors with 75 horsepower.

How big of brush can a bush hog cut?

The blades on a rotary cutter can reach top speeds of over 150 miles per hour, allowing the blades to cut through saplings and small trees with diameters of several inches.

Can you bush hog with a finish mower?

The new HDTH u201c Turf Hog u201d Finish Mowers from Bush Hog turn your tractor into a lawn mowing machine, delivering superior grass cutting performance for your well-kept lawn.

What size slasher should I get?

If you only use your slasher once or twice a year for a small amount of mowing, look for something a little smaller; if you are contracting or mowing large amounts of grass, go for a larger machine, like our Contractor Slasher.

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What is the difference between a bush hog and a brush hog?

Brush Hog Definition: A brush hog is a rotary type of rough cutting mower that connects to a tractor via a three point hitch and is powered by a power take-off (PTO) that is positioned perpendicular to the slope.

How much horsepower do you need to run a batwing mower?

Whether you’re cutting brush or shredding stalks, Woods Batwing cutters set the standard for cut quality, distribution, and ease of use. The BW12 requires a minimum of 35 PTO HP and features Woods quality and performance in a sleek, round-front design with our industry-leading sloped deck.

Can you mow with batwing up?

I used to have a Woods 15 ft batwing that you could lock up one wing and mow down the side ditch along the field with. I recently purchased a new John Deere 15 ft that you can’t mow with one wing up.

What size rotary cutter do I need for my tractor?

With a cutting width of 54-21/64,u201d it’s recommended for tractors with 22-50 horsepower and can handle brush up to one inch in diameter. A 5′ Rotary Cut Mower 3 Point Category 1 might be available for as little as $953 and makes for a great machine when mowing large lawns or golf courses.

What is the hourly rate for bush hogging?

If the customer prefers to be charged by the hour, which some do, I have a 1990’s one ton dump truck with a newer 14k 20ft trailer, a new kubota 52hp 4×4 mx5200 tractor with loader, and a 6ft Woods rc6 bush hog.

How much should I charge for bush hogging?

Re: How much should you charge for bush hogging? I’d say $20/hour for the operator and $30/hour for the bush-hog, plus $10/hour for fuel over $1.50/gallon, plus your travel costs, etc.

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