Readers ask: What Size Tiller Do I Need For My Ford 1715 Tractor?

Tiller – what size tiller???

I’m thinking about getting a tiller for my Ford 1715 tractor. Does anyone know what size I should get? I’m thinking around a 5 foot length to cut out my tracks. There’s also the question of whether it should be forward or reserve tine direction. I suspect you’ll be best served with the KK60 tiller forward rotation and low gear in most soils.

What size tiller do I need for my tractor?

Consider this: a typical 5-ft rotary tiller with four tines can be operated at peak performance by a 25-hp tractor, whereas the same 5-ft rotary tiller with six tines would require a 31-hp tractor, and a 40-hp requirement jumps to nearly 50 hp with six tines.

How many horsepower does it take to run a 6 foot rototiller?

In good soil, 5 PTO horsepower per foot of tiller is required, and in rough/hard soil, 6-7 horse is required. However, you can’t compare compact tractor horsepower to farm tractor horsepower unless the horse has been tested and proven at rated PTO speeds.

Which is better forward or reverse tiller?

Forward rotating tines, such as those on the RT3062, rotate forward on the shaft in the same direction as the tractor, so a tiller with reverse rotating tines will require a little more horsepower to get the job done, but the reverse action will make tilling into harder surfaces easier.

How deep will a rotary tiller dig?

Tillers have larger, heavy-duty tines that can be used for initial ground-breaking and can dig to depths of up to 8 inches.

How much PTO HP do I need?

Remember to match the tractor to the job at hand: a good rule of thumb for a five-foot cutter (shredder) is 20 PTO horsepower (not engine horsepower), while a six-foot cutter requires around 30 PTO horsepower.

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Are county line tillers any good?

Premium Member. I’ve had a County Line by Tarter tiller for three years and do a lot of tilling with it. It’s heavy, well built, and if I cleaned it up right now, it would almost look brand new. That’s a good price on their 5′, and if I needed one, I’d get that.

What size tiller do I need?

A 5- to 6-horsepower tiller ($500 to $800) will suffice for medium-sized gardens, while large gardens of more than 5,000 square feet will require a tiller with at least a 6-horsepower engine ($800 to $2,000).

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