Readers ask: Who Makes The Best Sub Compact Tractor?

5 of the Best Sub Compact Tractors

Professional gardeners and landscapers have found sub compact tractors to be ideal for hauling material, sprayers, and aerators because they have all the versatility of a larger tractor on a smaller frame. They are typically two- to three-cylinder diesel engines with 15 to 25 horsepower.

1. John Deere 1025R

The John Deere 1025R has a Tier 4-compliant diesel engine with 23.9 horsepower and a rated speed of 3,200 RPM, as well as a Premium Operator Station with ergonomic seat, armrests, and fender lights, and a starting retail price of $15,066.

2. Kubota BX1880

The Kubota BX1880 is one of the most popular sub compact tractors in the United States, featuring a Kubota D722 three-cylinder diesel engine with gross horsepower of 16.6 and 13.7 at the Power Take-Off, as well as a full line of Kubota implements.

3. Mahindra eMax 20S HST

The Mahindra eMax 20S HST is another top sub compact tractor on the market, with a 19.4 horsepower four-stroke diesel engine and HST 2-range transmission, and a 53.4-inch wheelbase and 94.2-inch length for a total weight of 1,499 pounds.

4. New Holland Workmaster 25S

The New Holland Workmaster 25S is designed for farms and operations of any size, and is compatible with the New Holland 100LC Loader, 160GMS Mower, and 905GBL Backhoe. It has a maximum forward speed of 9.1 mph and a wet, multi-disc braking system.

5. Massey Ferguson GC1725M

Titan Attachments 42-in Pallet Fork

Titan Rotary Tiller

Titan Rear Blade

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