FAQ: What Is The Best Kind Of Round Baler For A 72 Horsepower Tractor?

Hay and Forage Baling Equipment

With the Fast Release System and speedy 40/rpm wrapping arms, the C451R is a true productivity powerhouse. Carry extra film rolls and change them out in less than a minute with no tools. 560M MegaWideu2122 HC2: 1000 DiamondToughu2122 triple weave, 75 hp (56 kw) or 65 hp (48 kw), depending on model.

Compare our V451R and V461R Balers

With proper ballast pickup, a minimum tractor horsepower is required. 3-ft high x 4-ft wide (90 cm x 120 cm) OR 97 in. (250 cm) optional. 2 Endless belts – 1.9ft. (573 mm) width. 12 to 50in. (31 to 127cm) John Deere round balers are designed with tightly spaced belts so you capture more crop in every pass.

How many horsepower tractor do you need to run a round baler?

If you’re buying a baler first, keep in mind the horsepower requirements when pairing it with a tractor. PTO horsepower requirements for round balers start at 30 hp and can go up to 120 hp. Baler bale sizes come in a variety of sizes.

What size tractor do I need to run a round baler?

Most standard square balers on the market require a minimum tractor weight of around 3000 pounds and 35 horsepower at the PTO.

What is the most reliable round baler?

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  • 604 Pro G3 Baler
  • 604N Baler
  • 604R Baler (Classic, Signature, or Premium)
  • 605N Baler
  • 605N Cornstalk Special Baler
  • Rancher 6640 Baler
  • Rancher 6650 Baler
  • 5520 Baler

How much horsepower do you need to run a 4×5 round baler?

For a 4×5 baler, I wouldn’t go under 70 PTO hp; for a 4×4, 40 PTO hp should suffice. I ran a 634 NH (4×4) for about 3 years before upgrading to a 644 (4×5) with hydraulic pressure. The extra foot on a round bale makes a big difference.

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Can a Farmall M run a round baler?

After further consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that yes, a round baler can be operated with an “M.”

Who makes the best round balers?

Which round baler is best for your farm?

  • John Deere 459 Round Baler.
  • John Deere 469 Round Baler.
  • John Deere 559 Round Baler.
  • John Deere 569 Round Baler.
  • John Deere 569 Silage Special Baler.
  • John Deere 854 Silage Baler.

How much HP do you need to run a big square baler?

My recommendation is at least 160 horsepower fwa, with some weight on the front and rear to keep it safe; however, if you’re going to run it yourself, you might be able to get away with much less.

What should I look for when buying a round baler?

Consider the tractor’s size and power when purchasing a baler; the tractor horsepower required for baling will be determined by the baler size, whether the fields are level or sloped, the desired baling speed, whether hay or baleage is being produced, and whether a bale accumulator is included in the package.

How many bales can a round baler make?

Even if the baler has a higher bale count to begin with, say 20,000 bales, most colors of balers made in the last 15 years or so will be able to make 600 bales a year with little or no downtime if, IF, you do your preseason maintenance.

How much does a new round baler cost?

The estimated new equipment costs for harvesting 4-foot-by-5-foot round bales are $25,000 for a rotary mower/conditioner, $5,500 for a 10-foot rake, $35,000 for the baler, and $55,000 for an adequate-sized tractor.

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What is the fastest round baler?

Last year, John Deere announced that the 960, one of its new 900-series round balers, had romped through a field of straw at a rate of 127 bales per hour, setting a new world record in the process.

Who makes the best small square baler?

The 348 small square baler from John Deere is no exception, as it is the most dependable and productive baler on the market. Sitting at the top of the John Deere small square baler range, the 348 has a number of features that make it the go-to choice.

How do you round bales per acre?

You won’t get more than 50 small square bales per acre and only one or two round bales because square bales typically weigh 50 to 100 pounds and round bales easily weigh 1000 pounds or more.

What size Bale does a John Deere 458 make?

2012 John Deere 458 Pickup: Mega Wide, Twine and Surface Wrap Wrapping, PTO: 540, Bale Width: 4 Feet, 31×13

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