FAQ: What Size Tires Were Original On A 1964 830 Case Gas Tractor?

J. I. Case Tractors during the 1950s and 60s

In the 1950s, J. I. Case and Company introduced four new tractor series. The Model “LA” was the largest Case tractor at the time, with 51 horsepower, and was sold between 1940 and 1953. In 1957, Case purchased the American Tractor Corporation, which had developed a backhoe attachment. In 1960, Case introduced a new lineup of tractors, each with a power boost, better transmissions, and the option of a thrall.

What color are old Case tractors?

Case replaced its old gray paint with an exotic hue known as “Flambeau Red” in 1939. Color changes were made for a variety of reasons, including safety, such as when industrial tractors went yellow, and a desire on the part of manufacturers to stand out from their competitors.

How do I identify a tractor case?

Case tractors can also be identified by their serial numbers. Write down your Case tractor’s serial number, double-checking your notation for accuracy to avoid transposing, omitting, or repeating characters, and then contact the manufacturer.

What brands of tractors are green?

The popular John Deere green is a more recent addition to the tractor paint color history.

What color is a Massey Ferguson tractor?

Paintman Paint Massey Ferguson Tractor Red is a traditional synthetic coach enamel that was used on Massey Ferguson tractors in the 1950s.

What is the most popular brand of tractor?

Which tractor company is the best in the world?

  • Massey Ferguson.
  • Case IH.
  • Sonalika International.
  • Escorts Group.
  • Kubota.
  • Fendt.
  • Fendt.

How do you tell what year your case tractor is?

To determine the year of manufacture for a tractor with a six-digit serial number, subtract three from the first and fourth digits to get the year. For example, the serial number 395602 would be 36-3 = 1933. Case began using a seven-digit numbering system around 1938.

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How do you read a case serial number?

To check the year, look for the last letter in the series and associate the number equivalent to that letter (A=1, B=2, and so on) with 1930 to identify the year. For example, letter A is number 1, so you can read the year 1931.

Where is the VIN on a Case tractor?

The number is stamped into the flange where the engine block is bolted to the rear end of the tractor on the tractor’s left side (in the direction of travel).

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