Often asked: What Is An R4 Tractor Tire?

The Ultimate Guide to Tractor Tires

Whether you’re buying a new tractor or just replacing the tires on your old one, it’s critical to choose the right tires for the job. In this guide, we’ll go over the three most common types and the conditions that each type is best suited for.

Tractor Tire Types

Although most John Deere tractors can be fitted with any of the three tread options, it’s important to consider your overall property conditions as well as the attachments you’ll be using before making a decision, as each option will be best for different use cases.

R1 Tires

R1 tires, when properly inflated, will provide enough traction for almost any task. R4 tires, on the other hand, are more commonly used in roadwork or hard ground applications, and are typically made of a more wear-resistant composite that holds up well on asphalt and gravel.

Where to Buy Tractor Tires

If you’re looking for John Deere Tractor Tires, there are several different types of tires to choose from. Call around to your local tire shops for the best prices, or check out our tractor tire inventory online if you prefer to buy used.

What are R4 tractor tires used for?

R4 tires, which have a tread depth halfway between that of R1 and R3, are most commonly used in roadwork or hard ground applications.

What is the difference between an R1 and an R4 tractor tire?

An R4 tire is best for industrial or highway department work, as it provides excellent traction on harder surfaces like construction lots while being less aggressive on turf than an R1. R4 tread depth is roughly 70% that of an R1.

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Will R4 tires tear up grass?

If your ground is a little soft and a tire comes loose, the R1 will rip a rut in the ground in seconds, whereas the R4 will just cut the grass.

Are R4 tires good in snow?

In all conditions except mud and loose soil, where R4s are superior, HDAPs (and to a lesser extent, Turfs) are superior to R4s when it comes to snow.

What is the most aggressive tractor tire?

Ag: The ag tire is the most aggressive of the three, designed for soft fields and loose dirt, with a narrow design that increases traction and a large tread that digs into soft surfaces for maximum traction. These tires are recommended for snow work, muddy work, bush hogging, and general farm use.

How much do tractor tires cost?

How much do tractor tires cost? A radial design tractor tire from Titan Tire Corporation costs an average of US$1,600 to US$2,900 at retail. Some new tires are cheaper at US$400, but it still costs a lot of money for many people. Buying used tractor tires will save you money.

What does SL mean on tractor tires?

SL stands for Standard Load, and it refers to implement tires.

What are the different types of tractor tires?

Tractor tires are available in three different types on the market. Tractor Tire Types

  • Industrial Tractor Tires (R4)
  • Agricultural Tractor Tires (R1)
  • Turf Tractor Tires (R3)

What is the best tractor TYRE?

The Traxion Optimall is a high-horsepower tractor tyre with a very high flexion (VF) rating that combines traction and fuel efficiency.

  • BKT.
  • CEAT.
  • Apollo Vredestein.
  • Bridgestone.
  • Farm performance meets tyre test claims.
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What does R 1 mean on a tire?

The R-1 and R-1W designations are tire industry standards that define the minimum designed tread depth of an agricultural traction tire, with the Tire and Rim Association defining the minimum bar height based on tire width and aspect ratio (sidewall height). The R-1 designation is the standard tread depth.

What does Hdap tires stand for?

As I was reading about new tractor options, I came across references to HDAP tires, which I eventually realized (I believe) stood for Heavy Duty All Purpose tires.

Will AG tires tear up lawn?

One thing to remember about aggressive tires is that they will take you further and will not cause much damage if you take it easy and keep them from slipping; however, if an aggressive tread like the AG or R4 does slip, it will dig and cause a mess; turf tires are more forgiving when you slip.

What tractor tires are best for snow?

The Nokian TRI2 is one of the best tires for use on tractors used for snow plowing. The TRI2 has a long-lasting tread compound and excellent traction properties, making it ideal for tractor-based snow plowing.

Do turf tires work in snow?

Chains are the best for snow traction, but not on AG tires. Yes, Turf tires bite better in the snow than Industrials, but get a set of chains for either and you’ll be fine!

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