Question: What Kind Of Chicks Does Tractor Supply Sell?

What breed of chicks does tractor supply sell?

Silkies, wyandotte, broilers, delaware, “ameraucana,” and production red or rhode island red are common in the assorted bantam bin, and sea brights and silkies are common in the assorted bantam bin. Be sure to ask any questions you may have, everyone here to help and very friendly.

How old are the chicks that Tractor Supply sells?

Chicks from the moment they are born until they are eight weeks old.

How many chicks do you have to buy at Tractor Supply?

TSC has everything you need to get started with chick rearing, including supplies. Smaller quantities: TSC requires that you purchase a minimum of 6 chicks.

Are chicks from Tractor Supply good?

The stores are usually pretty good about getting the birds in the right bins, but it’s not unheard of for some chicks to end up in the wrong tubs, or even in the same tub with two different varieties. My local TSC always has a tub of ‘assorted bantams’ that always seems to be Silkies and Seabrights.

Will Tractor Supply replace dead chicks?

Returning baby chicks is at the discretion of individual store managers, but in general, TSC will work with you if you take home a baby chick who becomes ill or dies soon after, with most managers refunding your money or even doing a “chick exchange” if a chick dies.

What does Tractor Supply do with unsold chicks?

Unsold Tractor Supply birds are routinely “gotten rid of” once the allure of “Oh, how cute” wears off. Buyers tire of caring for them, and few, if any, spend money on veterinary care.

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How old do chickens live?

The Scots Grey, a dual-purpose breed with barred feathers from Scotland, is even more complicated because it comes in a color called Silver Gray, which is a combination of light silver and black!

Can you buy less than 10 chicks at Tractor Supply?

Tractor Supply has a variety of birds with different temperaments and egg production levels. Order our days-old chicks online in quantities as low as 10, or pick up your live chicks in person at a Tractor Supply store near you. Tractor Supply also has ducks, turkeys, guineas, and other live poultry.

Does Tractor Supply vaccinate their chicks?

Tractor Supply Co.: Are the chicks vaccinated? Hello Christina, in-store birds are not vaccinated to allow those who want to raise organic birds to do so; however, our hatcheries all vaccinate and thoroughly test their breeding stock.

How many chicks do you have to buy at Rural King?

At least 6 chicks must be purchased at once.

When should I buy chicks?

For two reasons, the spring and early summer have traditionally been the most popular times to receive baby chicks: first, female chickens begin laying eggs at 6 months of age (sometimes even earlier), so you’ll usually have your eggs before the end of the year!

Are Tractor Supply chickens sexed?

While the ducks at Tractor Supply are cute, they aren’t sexed, which is crucial because your females can be seriously injured or killed if there isn’t a proper female to male ratio.

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