Question: Who Owns Ollive Tractor?


The Oliver Corporation, founded in 1929, was acquired by White Farm Equipment in 1960 and absorbed into AGCO; the company no longer exists, and its patents are now owned by AGCO0- AGCO is an agri-food company.

The Merger

Oliver Farm Equipment was founded on April 1, 1929, and when it merged with three other companies, it became a virtual full-line manufacturer.

American Seeding Machine Company

The Superior Drill Company of Springfield, Ohio was the leading corporate component among the seven merged companies in 1903. Other companies that formed the 1903 merger were P. P. Mast and Company, Hoosier Drill Company, Empire Drill Company, and the American Seeding Machine Company.


The Hart-Parr number 1 was completed in 1902. In 1906, Sales Manager W.H. Williams decided that the words “traction engine” were too vague and long to use in press releases, so he coined the term “Tractor.”

Oliver Chilled Plow Company

James Oliver was born on August 28, 1823, in Scotland, and immigrated to America when he was eleven years old. He worked as a moulder, cooper, and farmer until he was thirty-two years old, when an event occurred in 1844 that would have a significant impact on his future. In 1855, James Oliver founded a cast-iron foundry in South Bend, Indiana, and in 1868, the South Bend Iron Works was incorporated to manufacture the Oliver Chassis.

Oliver Corporation

Oliver introduced a new line of tractors in 1948, including the Oliver 66, 77, and 88, and for several years in the 1950s, Oliver led the industry in diesel tractor sales.

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White Take Over

White Motor Corporation of Cleveland, Ohio, had a long history of truck manufacturing and acquired Oliver Corporation as a wholly owned subsidiary on November 1, 1960.


Cockshutt had previously marketed Hart-Parr tractors in 1928, and Oliver vehicles from 1934 to the late 1940s, before being purchased by White Rubber Company in 1962 and becoming a subsidiary of Oliver Corporation.

White Farm Equipment Co.

In 1960, the new four-digit tractor models debuted, with some models produced by David Brown, Fiat, and SAME for Oliver. In 1969, White Motor Corporation formed White Farm Equipment Company, which was later acquired by AGCO in 1990.

Oliver Hart-Parr

Oliver 70 and Crawler HG range 1951 Crawler 18/220-hp (Cletrac derived design) needed to be restored for the Cromford Steam Rally in 2008. Oliver OC-46 19-? Crawler, OC-96, and OC-156 also needed to be restored for the Cromford Steam Rally in 2008.

Models in UK Preservation

If possible, please include any tractor with a known reg or serial number, as well as a photo. There are a few surviving examples in the UK that were imported from the United States.

What happened to Oliver tractor Company?

Oliver tractors were produced until 1976, when the last Oliver 2255 rolled off the assembly line, after which the silver-colored White tractors took their place. Despite numerous mergers and corporate maneuvering, nothing remains of the original Oliver company, which started its legacy in South Bend, Indiana.

Who bought out Oliver?

There were approximately 75 different crawler models produced between 1916 and 1944. White Motor Corporation – In 1960, White Motors purchased the Oliver Corporation as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

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Why did Oliver sell to white?

Many products were released before they were truly perfected, and things got even worse when WHITE purchased Oliver to help keep their struggling road truck business afloat.

What was the biggest Oliver tractor made?

Oliver also released its largest tractor, the Oliver 90, in the same year, which replaced the 28-44.

Does White still make tractors?

AGCO owns White Farm Equipment, a brand of agricultural machinery that has been discontinued except for planters.

What engines did Oliver tractors use?

Competitive tractor manufacturers tried their hand at using V8 power in their tractors, but with little success. The Cat 3150 wasn’t perfect, but it seemed to stand the test of time better than other makes of V8 diesel.

Who bought out Ford tractors?

In 1986, Ford and Sperry New Holland merged, and Fiat bought the resulting company in 1991.

Is Oliver 770 a good tractor?

You’ll probably like the wide front end for stability with a loader, but it takes a lot more space to turn than a narrow front.

Who started the Oliver Tractor Company?

According to Sherry Schaefer’s book Classic Oliver Tractors, the Oliver Cooperation has always had roots in the agricultural community and was founded in 1855 when James Oliver purchased a quarter interest in the South Bend Foundry in Mishawaka, Indiana.

What tractor owns AGCO?

Challenger | Fendt | Massey Ferguson | Valtra | AGCO Brands

When was the last white tractor made?

White farm tractors by year White was acquired by AGCO in 1991, and the AGCO-White brand was used until 2001, when it was discontinued.

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