Readers ask: What Size Trailer For A Subcompact Tractor?

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Will a BX23 tractor fit in my 5×8 utility trailer? According to Kubota’s website, the tractor is only 48 wide (at the bucket?). The BX2200 has a length of 92″ and is 92″ long with the loader/backhoe making up the difference…. Will a BX23 Fit In My 5×8 Trailer grinder. Join Date: Oct 2003. Posts: 677 central.
You will need at least 14 feet of trailer bed to transport a BX23, and I strongly suggest you get a 16 foot trailer with separate, solid, heavy duty ramps. Hog, just noticed where you are from. CHP will issue tickets if the backhoe bucket is not secured to the deck. If they see the B/H hank, they will issue tickets.
Any decent quality three point implement with moving or spinning parts for $850 is probably a good deal. Verify your weights and give yourself PLENTY of fudge factor with respect to the rated strength of the hitch AND ball.

What kind of trailer do I need to haul a tractor?

When hauling tractors or other heavy machinery, gooseneck trailers are a particularly convenient and safe option to consider. AJ’s gooseneck trailers range in length from 28′ to 36′ and can carry up to 24,000 pounds.

What size trailer do I need to haul a Kubota bx23s?

Some trailer recommendations: 16′ minimum, 18′ recommended; mine has a 16′ deck and 2′ dove tail.

Can a single axle trailer haul a tractor?

If not, a single axle would work as long as it was rated for the weight of the tractor and trailer. A single 3500lb axle would not work, but a 5200lb axle might, and a 6000lb axle with brakes would be the lightest I’d go for.

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What can you do with a subcompact tractor?

A compact utility tractor can be used for a variety of projects.

  • Mow your lawn.
  • Move dirt from where you don’t want it to where you do.
  • Gravel your driveway.
  • Build a fence.
  • Dig foundations and electric and water lines.
  • Dig ditches.
  • Remove snow.

What size trailer do I need for a 60 inch lawn mower?

If you have a sixty-inch mower, you’ll want nothing smaller than a 6×12 trailer; most 6×12 trailers are between 76 and 79 inches wide, giving you enough room for the Exmark.

What size trailer do I need for a 1025r?

While a shorter trailer may be adequate for transporting just the tractor, I recommend investing in an 18 or 20′ car/equipment trailer that will accommodate the tractor as well as a few attachments.

What category tractor is a Kubota BX23S?

The BX1880, BX2380, BX2680, and BX23S are Kubota’s sub-compact 4WD diesel tractors, which lead the sub-compact tractor class as a standard-equipped loader-backhoe unit.

How much can a Kubota BX23S lift?

The lift capacity is 613 pounds (at pivot pin) with a maximum height of 71 inches. Rated cycle times (empty) are 3.3 seconds for full raise, 2.5 seconds for full lower, 2.3 seconds for full curl, and 2.7 seconds for full dump.

How much is a BX23S?

$31,253 for a Kubota BX23S.

Is a subcompact tractor worth it?

Sub-compact tractors are ideal lawn and garden tractors due to their smaller frame and lower ground clearance. So, are sub-compact tractors worth it? Sub-compact tractors are comfortable, accessible, and easy to maneuver, making them ideal for first-time tractor owners with only a few acres of land to manage.

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What size tractor do I need for 5 acres?

A sub-compact tractor, such as those found in the John Deere 1 Series, should be sufficient for gardening and light landscaping work if you live on a property that is 5 acres or smaller. This type of equipment is the smallest of all the tractor sizes and is designed to fit in a standard garage.

Are sub-compact tractors worth it?

A sub-compact will provide more service than a lawn tractor if you have less than five acres to manage but your land is more pasture or rough land than lawn, and while you can certainly pull a ground-engaging tool behind a lawn tractor, it will have to be a very beefy lawn tractor to do the job year after year.

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