What Does Tractor Pulling Pay?

tractor pulling Salaries

Washing exterior of tractors, interior of trailers, and moving equipment around the truck yard. Shop Laborer (Hostler Helper) – Belen, NM. Operate forklift, mobile crane, trackmobile, shop tractor, and power hand tools. Truck washer US Foods Columbia, SC.

How much money do you win at a tractor pull?

The Championship Tractor Pull will be broadcast live on pay-per-view and on-demand, providing drivers with the unrivaled thrill of winning at this nationally recognized pull, as well as the chance to win a share of more than $200,000 in prize money.

Is there money in tractor pulling?

With first-place prizes as low as a few hundred dollars, tractor pullers aren’t in it for the money; instead, they spend tens of thousands of dollars, some as much as $100,000 or more per tractor, just to compete. The events are a family affair, as the names Big Daddy, Daddy’s Dream, and Kayla’s Misfit imply.

How much power does a pulling tractor make?

The more powerful tractors, such as those in Europe’s heavy modified class, can produce over 8,800 kilowatts (12,000 metric horsepower), making it more difficult to pull the drag (sled).

What do you pull in a tractor pull?

Truck and tractor pulling, also known as power pulling, is a motorsport competition popular in the United States, Europe (especially the Netherlands, Denmark, and Germany), Australia, Brazil, and New Zealand that requires modified tractors to pull a heavy sled along a 35-foot-wide, 330-foot-long track, with the winner receiving a trophy.

How does tractor Pull work?

Tractor pulling is a competitive motor sport in which modified farm tractors, tractors, or trucks pull a metal sled along a predetermined course with a box filled with weight that is mechanically winched forward as the sled progresses.

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What are the rules for garden tractor pulling?


  • Open to 2-wheel drive rubber tire tractors.
  • A class must have at least three tractors to qualify.
  • Each tractor may compete in more than one class, but not in the same class twice.
  • All drivers must sign a release form before pulling.
  • No alcoholic beverages allowed.

How much fuel does a pulling tractor use?

“We’re running at 1,200-1,250 cc of fuel, and we burn about two or three gallons of fuel on a 10- to 12-second run,” Little says. “We’re also using water injection in these tractors, and that does two things: it keeps the motors from melting because we’re running at 1,600-1,900 degrees.”

How much horsepower does a super stock pulling tractor have?

Most of the engines have been modified to run on methanol fuel, but fans may see a diesel-fueled Super Stock join the fray on rare occasions.

How much does a pulling sled weigh empty?

Most sleds use a “full block” that weighs 2,000 pounds and a “half block” that weighs 1,000 pounds. Pan- The pan applies the weight’s force to the ground, creating necessary friction. The sled begins with only the front of the pan touching the ground.

What engines do tractor Pullers use?

The engines used in these classes are mostly modified versions of John Deere and International diesel engines. The thrifty Super Farm class, which starts with a 640 cubic inch engine and is limited to the use of a single 33 inch turbocharger, is very popular in Regional NTPA competition.

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What does dropped mean in tractor pulls?

Full Pull: Pulling the entire length of the track. 4 x 4: Four wheel drive. FWD: Four wheel drive truck. Fuel: Either alcohol or diesel fuel.

How much weight can a farm tractor pull?

“The stock tractors run 7,000 to 11,000 rpms,” Wagner said, “while the single cylinder engine pro stock tractors run on alcohol and have about 70 horsepower.”

How many feet is a full pull in tractor pulls?

At some events, the full-pull distance is set by the first truck to pass the 300-foot mark, while at other venues, the full-pull distance is set by the first truck to pass the 300-foot mark.

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