Who Drove A Tractor To Get Beer?

George Jones & His Notorious Riding Lawnmower

Jones was a troubled soul with deep heartache that could be heard in his singing and songs, and his abuse issues had him on the verge of death on several occasions. The most famous George Jones drinking story involves the country music legend and a John Deere lawnmower. While married to Tammy Wynette, Jones had a history of riding lawnmowers.

How many DUI did George Jones get?

Jones has a long history of alcohol and drug abuse; in 1982, he pleaded guilty to two drunken driving charges and was sentenced to perform a benefit concert. Before the accident, Jones claimed he had been sober for 12 years, with only an occasional glass of wine with dinner.

Who is Steve the lawnmower guy?

It had everything, as far as news stories go, but it was actually the work of comedian Marc Ryan’s alter ego, Steve, The Lawnmower DUI Guy, who has been on the loose for nearly six years, with his hilarious arrest videos amassing over 30 million views on YouTube.

Which country singer got a DUI on a lawn mower?

The alleged incident resembled a well-known incident in which country singer George Jones drove his lawnmower to a local liquor store after his wife took away his car keys to prevent him from buying alcohol, and was arrested and charged with DUI.

Can you drink and drive a lawn mower?

You can get a DUI if you drive a lawn mower while inebriated.

Did George Jones get a DUI on lawn mower?

A drunk George Jones decided that his ten-horsepower lawn mower, a 5mph vehicle for an 8-mile commute, could get him to the liquor store, and the trip was apparently successful; Jones discusses the incident in his autobiography, I Lived To Tell It All, and an unknown length of his drunken commute was caught on film.

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What was George Jones net worth when he died?

George Jones had a net worth of $35 million when he died. Jones began playing the guitar at the age of nine, and over the course of his life and career, he had more than 150 hits to his credit, both as a solo artist and in duets with other country music artists.

Why was George Jones called the Possum?

Jones earned the moniker “The Possum” early in his career due to his resemblance to the furry marsupial (hopefully not when they’re hissing), and when he eventually moved to Nashville, he wanted to open his own club.

Where did George Jones get pulled over on a lawn mower?

u201cI got in the car and drove 10 miles to the nearest bar,u201d Tammy recalled in 1979. u201cWhen I pulled into the parking lot, there sat our rider-mower right by the entrance. He’d driven that mower right down a major highway. He looked up and said, ‘Well, fellas, here she is now.’

Can you drink beer on a riding mower?

There is no violation if you are out on your riding mower in your front yard taking care of business and decide to drink a beer because you are 21 years old or older; however, there is a violation if you decide to ride your mower down the street to see what your neighbor is doing and continue to drink your beer.

Can you get a DUI on a horse?

Because a horse is not a vehicle, a necessary element of the crime of DUI, a conviction for DUI while riding a horse is impossible.

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Can you get a DUI on private property?

A common misconception is that being on private property prevents you from being arrested or charged with a DUI. While you may believe that you could simply be on private property and not even be driving, you would be mistaken.

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