FAQ: What Refrigerant Is Used In Tractor Trailers?

Opteon™ Refrigerants for Medium and Heavy Duty Vehicles

Long-haul truck drivers transporting goods to distribution centers or local routes for last-mile deliveries all rely on cabin air conditioning (AC) to maintain a comfortable environment. Opteonu2122 refrigerants offer the best balance of properties and performance for mobile AC systems.

Addressing Environmental Issues

Opteonu2122 refrigerants, which are hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) based and non-ozone depleting, meet or exceed vehicle requirements for lower global warming potential (GWP) solutions for vehicle AC systems. Some medium and heavy duty vehicle manufacturers may wish to transition to HFO technology.

What refrigerant is used in trailers?

R-452A was developed by the refrigerant manufacturing industry to have a lower global warming potential (GWP) than R 404A, the hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerant used in most land-based transportation refrigeration applications.

How do refrigerated trucks stay cold?

Refrigerated trucks do have an onboard, built-in refrigerator or freezer, but these units work in tandem with the vehicle’s electrical and charging systems, using an engine-mounted compressor and a skirt-mounted condenser to keep things cold and fans to circulate air throughout the unit.

What is the most common refrigerant used in mobile equipment?

Since 1994, hydrofluorocarbon (HFC)-134a has been the most commonly used refrigerant in MVAC systems. HFCs are purposefully made fluorinated greenhouse gases that are used in the same applications as ozone-depleting substances, including motor vehicle air conditioning.

Are there different types of 134a refrigerant?

1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane, also known as R-134a, Genetron 134a, Suva 134a, or HFC-134a, is a haloalkane refrigerant with thermodynamic properties similar to R-12 (dichlorodifluoromethane) but lower ozone depletion potential.

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What is the replacement Freon for R-22?

R-22 is being phased out in favor of R-410A, a safer refrigerant that is the current, compliant standard in air conditioning equipment.

Can RV AC be recharged?

When your camper’s air conditioner runs out of refrigerant, it must be recharged, which can be done by refilling the refrigerant. Some air conditioning units may need to be recharged more frequently than others, which can be a difficult task if you have never recharged a camper air conditioner before.

How long can a refrigerated trailer run?

If the trailer is only opened once or twice a day, it can run for two days without refueling, three days if fueled on Friday, and daily if the door is left open on a regular basis. If the door is left open on a regular basis, expect to need fuel daily.

How long do refrigerated trucks last?

A well-maintained and cared-for refrigeration truck can travel more than 1 million miles in its lifetime, whereas your car is likely to travel only 200,000 miles with regular maintenance.

Can you plug in a refrigerated truck?

In fact, when the trailer is not in use, more than 70% of truck refrigeration units can be switched to electric power.

Which refrigerants are banned?

For new residential and light commercial air conditioning and heat pumps, cold storage warehouses, centrifugal chillers, and positive displacement chillers, the hydrocarbon refrigerants propylene R1270 and R443A have been banned.

What is the safest refrigerant?

Ammonia is toxic and flammable, but it is a safe refrigerant to use in systems designed with modern technology. K-State is currently one of only a few universities in the United States with facilities to study ammonia as a refrigerant.

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What is the best refrigerant?

HFC 404A is currently the most widely used refrigerant in many commercial and industrial refrigeration applications, while HFC 410A is the most commonly used refrigerant in small air conditioning and heat pumps. HFCS 134a and 407C are also widely used.

Is there a difference between R134 and R134A?

R134 and R134a have the same chemical formula and atomic weight, but they have different chemical structures, with R134 having a NBP of around -19 C and R134a having a NBP of around -26C.

Can you mix different brands of 134a?

There is no difference in R134A brands unless something is added to it; never use leak seal; it is included; the only difference is price.

What is the best R134?

R134A is the best-rated and reviewed A/C refrigerant.

  • A/C Pro ACP-100 Ultra Synthetic R-134a Car Refrigerant Kit – 20 OZ.
  • EZ Chill R-134a Refrigerant and Oil (18 ounces) (CA Compliant)
  • Quest 322 R134A Auto Air Conditioner Rechill Kit.

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