FAQ: What Tire Is Close To The Old Sears Tractor Tire?

Lawn Tractor Tires – Sizing & Buying Guide

There are four primary considerations when replacing a lawn tractor tire: tire size, ply-rating, type of terrain and traction requirements, and, of course, price. The first step is to find the right replacement tire.

1. Lawn Tractor Tires Sizing

The first number before the “x” indicates the tire’s diameter when inflated and not under load; the second number before the “x” indicates the tire’s diameter when inflated and not under load. 15u00d76.00-6 is a common size.

3. Traction Needs

Turf tires, knobby all-terrain tires, and ribbed tires are the most common tread pattern types for lawn tractors, and if you are replacing one tire, you can usually find a tread pattern that is identical to the remaining tires.

4. Price

Small lawn tractor tires can be found for as little as $20 and as much as $60 or $70; regardless of the size, ply rating, or type of lawn tractor tire you require, Tires-easy.com has a variety of options at low prices.

What are old tractor tires filled with?

Polyurethane foam is a liquid that goes into a tire and then hardens, increasing ballast weight by up to 50% over plain water. Filling tractor tires with polyurethane foam provides a no-flat tire, but future tire pressure adjustments are impossible.

What size tire does a Craftsman riding mower?

Craftsman Riding Mowers MARASTAR 15×6.00-6″ Front Tire Assembly Replacement (21446)

Are all lawn tractor tires the same size?

The two-number system and the three-number system are used to size lawn tractor tires. For example, the two-number system displays numbers such as 4.80-8, which means the tire’s width is approximately 4.8 inches and the rim is 8 inches in diameter.

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What are tractor tires called?

R1: Agricultural Tire R1 tires, also known as agricultural or ag tires, are the standard workhorse tires for farm tractors, with large, widely spaced lugs that provide maximum traction over difficult terrain (including mud and snow) without slipping or becoming clogged.

What do you fill tractor tires with?

Although water is the most common liquid ballast to fill a tire with, you can also use antifreeze, calcium chloride, or polyurethane foam to keep your tractor’s tire pressure and traction up.

Why do you fill tractor tires with water?

Ballasting your tractor tyres with water is still the simplest and most cost-effective way to ballast your tractor without mechanical risks, as it increases the weight of your tractor to improve tyre grip or lower its center of gravity when working with heavy tools or high traction.

Are Craftsman riding mower tires tubeless?

Most riding lawn mowers, like other vehicles, have a tubeless tire system. When the tire goes flat, you have three options: plug the tire, replace it, or insert a tube. Place a jack under the corner of the mower with the flat tire.

Can I put bigger tires on my riding mower?

Larger tires will provide additional clearance, though you may need to make adjustments to the deck and blades, and you may need to extend the axle to fit the new tires. We’ll also discuss the benefits and drawbacks of a larger tire.

What tire sizes mean?

The aspect ratio is the two-digit number after the slash mark in a tire size; for example, the 65 in a size P215/65 R15 tire means that the height is equal to 65% of the width; the higher the aspect ratio, the larger the tire’s sidewall.

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How do you size a tractor tire?

The first number represents the overall WIDTH of the tire when mounted and inflated to the proper air pressure, but it is measured in millimeters; divide this number by 25.4 to convert to inches, and this will become the second number for a traditional tractor tire size.

What is the most aggressive tractor tire?

Ag: The ag tire is the most aggressive of the three, designed for soft fields and loose dirt, with a narrow design that increases traction and a large tread that digs into soft surfaces for maximum traction. These tires are recommended for snow work, muddy work, bush hogging, and general farm use.

How much do tractor tires cost?

How much do tractor tires cost? A radial design tractor tire from Titan Tire Corporation costs an average of US$1,600 to US$2,900 at retail. Some new tires are cheaper at US$400, but it still costs a lot of money for many people. Buying used tractor tires will save you money.

What is R4 tractor tires?

R4 Tires. R4 tires are most commonly used in roadwork or hard ground applications, and are typically made of a more wear-resistant composite that holds up well on asphalt and gravel, making them an excellent choice when working on both heavy duty and turf projects.

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