Question: What Dose A Bad Fly Wheel Key Cause On A Lawn Tractor?

How to Inspect Flywheel & Key for Replacement

Flywheels are the heart of the electrical system on small engines, with magnets mounted on the outside surface required for ignition. If a lawn mower or tiller blade collides with a rock or curb, the flywheel key can absorb the damage.

What causes sheared flywheel key?

The key is shearing because you’re asking it to hold the flywheel in place while it’s running; the key should only be used to correctly locate the flywheel before bolting it on; the flywheel should be held on to the crank by pressing it against the snout of the crank.

What does the flywheel do in a small engine?

Today, the fins on flywheels act almost like fans, cooling the engine by distributing air around the engine block when the energy source applies torque, and they release stored energy when the energy source does not apply torque.

What causes a riding lawn mower to lock up?

If your lawn mower’s piston seizes after sitting in wet conditions for an extended period of time or if you forget to put oil in the crankcase, you may be able to free it by removing the spark plug and manually rocking the blade with leather gloves on.

Can you drive with a bad flywheel?

Yes, you can sometimes get away with driving with a bad flywheel; it all depends on how badly the flywheel is damaged. If you suspect that there is a problem with the clutch, get it checked out as soon as possible; in most cases, a bad flywheel will leave you stranded.

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How do you check a flywheel?

A Dual Mass Flywheel is examined visually.

  1. Check for excessive heat checks and scoring on the friction surface.
  2. Check for excessive grease loss due to overheating.
  3. Check for visible damage, including the ring gear and other parts found inside the bellhousing.
  4. Check the rotational free play.

How do I know if I need a new flywheel?

If your flywheel is failing, you will not experience a smooth pedal; you may feel vibration as soon as you place your foot on the clutch or press down on the clutch, and the vibration will become stronger as you push on or engage the clutch pedal.

What is the advantage of a lighter flywheel?

On race cars, the main benefit of a lower flywheel mass is that it allows the engine to rev more freely; the overall weight loss isn’t as important as allowing the engine to vary RPM quickly.

Does a lighter flywheel add horsepower?

Because flywheels are solid, unsprung components of a vehicle’s driveline, a light flywheel will reduce parasitic loss at a constant rate, improving a vehicle’s horsepower and torque output (measured after the flywheel) over its entire rev range.

Does the Flexplate spin in neutral?

Sorry, it only spins in one direction and is bolted to the flywheel; when the engine is running, the Torque Converter spins in the same direction as the engine.

How do I know if my riding lawn mower is locked up?

How to tell if the engine on a riding lawnmower is seized:

  1. The engine is difficult to start. The blades are stuck. The piston and cylinders will not move. The oil will be low. The fuel quality will have deteriorated.
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What happens when a lawn mower runs out of oil?

If you run a lawn mower without oil, it will sputter, wear down, overheat, smoke, spark, and more. Engine oil provides critical lubrication that prevents countless mechanical issues. Replace the oil after long-term storage to prevent coagulation.

How do you Unseize a riding lawn mower engine?

How to Unseize the Engine of a Riding Lawn Mower

  1. Drain the oil from the mower.
  2. Spray a generous amount of penetrating oil into the mower hole plug and wait for it to soak in completely.
  3. Reset the engine to its original position and try to move the piston up.

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